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Delete Yahoo Account (Easy and Quick)

Posted on the 22 June 2017 by Dheeraj101

Yahoo is one of the best web portals which provide users many web services. A search engine, E-Mails, Forums etc are some of its popular web services. Yahoo’s web mailing service is the very famous service millions of users are using these days. However, many users want to discontinue using this web service due to few reasons. Maybe they want to create a new Yahoo account or want to stop using Yahoo. We have the best and easy way to delete Yahoo account permanently. Users should be aware that deleting Yahoo account will also delete all your other social accounts which you signed up using Yahoo account like Tumblr, Flickr etc. So, make sure you have the backup of those accounts and only then you should proceed to delete Yahoo account.

When you delete your Yahoo account, it’s not instantly deleted from their website. It takes about 40-90 days and 180 days in some cases. It depends on the region where you live.But, in most of the cases, it takes about 90 days to totally delete your Yahoo account once you’ve sent them a delete yahoo account request.

Make sure you’ve backup of all your Emails, Picture, Messages etc that you’ve sent or received in Yahoo Mail. Because all your Emails will also be deleted. So, make sure you know that you have a backup of everything from Yahoo account which is important. Otherwise, you might not be able to get that data back. Follow the steps given below to delete Yahoo account quickly:

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Delete Yahoo Account With These Steps

Deleting Yahoo account is a very easy task. You should know your Email and password of Yahoo account you’re going to delete.

Step 1. First, visit Yahoo Account Delete page from here.

Step 2. Log In wth you Yahoo account which will be deleted n next steps.

delete yahoo account
Log In

Step 3. Now, you’ll get some information and some faqs regarding deleting your Yahoo account. Click on Continue to proceed.

how to delete yahoo account
Click Continue

Step 4. Enter your full Email of Yahoo account and click Yes Terminate This Account.

delete yaho account quickly
Click Terminate

You’re done now, Yahoo will take some days to completely terminate your account.

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Remove Yahoo Account From Mobile Apps

Also, you should delete Yahoo account from your mobile phone apps. You should perform this step also. Because if you accidentally open your Yahoo account using mobile app your account might not be permanently deleted by Yahoo. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open your Yahoo app.

Step 2. Now, open settings and click accounts.

Step 3. Remove the account from there.


Step 1. Open mobile settings.

Step 2. Go to Apps to manage all your apps and select Yahoo.

Step 3. Clear the data of Yahoo app.

You’re done and your Yahoo account will be permanently deleted from Yahoo’s server within around 90 days.

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