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Defining Success For Your Blog

By Peacelovesequins


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I was reading an article on IFB about defining success and it got me thinking about how to define success for my blog. Success means different things to different people. It is important to site down and think about what success means to you.

What Success For My Blog Means To Me

  • Building a great, interactive readership – I would love to build a great bunch of readers that I feel like I know. I don’t care if it is just one or two or if it is much larger.
  • Earning enough income to quit my day job – I would love to be able to focus on school. I am hoping that by the end of this next semester I will no longer have to work at my day job and I can focus on blogging and of course my last semester of school!
  • Gaining a great internship – I would love for my blog to be a platform that can get me an internship or job at a company I would love to work for. Harper’s Bazaar is my ultimate goal at the moment. I love their magazine. I love the content and their clean design!

I don’t think these are unreasonable means of success. I think the hardest one to accomplish would be the internship but a girl can dream!

I am hoping with a lot of hard work I can make my dreams come true. And this is part of what can contribute to my millionaire by 30 goal as well!

How do you define success for your blog?

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