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Dear Reader – My Late Thoughts

By Readingromances

Hello my dear reader!
Here I am talking to you and wanting your opinion.

I really think this blog should be called reviewing at midnight, cause I always end up writing them at night or after midnight – what’s wrong with me?!

I have been thinking of posting my late thoughts after I finish a new review, saying things that comes to my head. Maybe it’s part of my progress that I feel like continue writing when I publish them or sharing a few things I have to say. Of course you’ll read it by morning with your cup of coffee…but we can get closer this way! I’ll be your breakfast company!

Today I’ll be taking about the Lisa Kleypas books I just finished reviewing. I’m stuck with that series. I can’t go forth, cause I don’t really care about the next character’s life, still, I wanna finish this series so bad! I like her books, it has been fun till now…What should I do, dear reader? Do you have anything to say about the next book to cheer me up a bit?

Well, that’s all for today. Do you think I should keep writing this? Will anyone want to read it?! WILL ANYONE ANSWER ME?!?! ;]

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