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Day 20: Shaving Foam Bath Paint

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
Day 20: Shaving foam bath paintI said last week after our shaving foam and water beads extravaganza that I was looking forward to doing some shaving foam painting. After deciding that we wouldn't do a new activity today, Isabelle was doing some more water painting on the chalkboard - our day 14 activity back again - and when bath time came she kept saying "Painting, painting". So, I thought this was just the perfect opportunity to finally get round to shaving cream paint.
This was such an easy activity to set up and clean up, and she really enjoyed it. I squirted the shaving cream into 3 of our Ikea bowls, and added red, blue and yellow food colouring. The yellow worked best, and made a great color and texture. The red food colouring didn't work well at all. It coloured the foam, but it also dissolved it into a weird consistency. Still useful for painting, but not the lovely whippy type of foam that the blue and yellow colouring gave.
I popped the bowls into the bath with little miss, and off she went. She really enjoyed splatting it about on the sides of the bath. I was also so pleased to see that she happily did some finger painting with it, and didn't mind getting it all over hands! Last time we played with it she wasn't that keen on it being on her hands, so this
was a BIG move forward for her. Most of all, she enjoyed painting daddy! Simon let her paint his face, asking her to do his cheeks, nose, chin and head, and she did them all with glee. Then, she enjoyed dabbing it on her nose as well.
This was a great activity for mark making, and we got to revise all the body parts as she painted daddy - although she is great with them anyway. It introduced her to colouring mixing as well, and the end result of our bath water was certainly interesting!
She had so much fun doing this activity, and it was great to see her happy to handle the material and overcome some of her dislike of unusual textures. I'm hoping that means she will be more open to using shaving foam in future too, as it is such a great sensory medium and I can see us using a lot of it in the future.
Day 20: Shaving foam bath paint
Day 20: Shaving foam bath paint
Day 20: Shaving foam bath paint
Day 20: Shaving foam bath paint
Day 20: Shaving foam bath paint

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