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Dale Jr. & Moments With Mom

Posted on the 06 April 2011 by Thefriskyvirgin
NASCAR, Martinsville: After Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the lead from Kyle Busch late in the race, the crowd--both in my house and at the track--jumped to their feet. But with a handful of laps remaining, Kevin Harvick passed Dale for the win. Some drivers may have bullied past Harvick to regain the lead, but Dale didn’t…and this may come as a surprise, since it is racing, but I’m glad he didn’t.  He showed great self-control by not trying to turn or bump past the 29. 
After the race, Dale seemed a little disappointed—he wanted that win, tasted it…and he wanted that darn clock, too (the trophy for the winner at Martinsville).  He’ll get that clock, and much more, I have no doubt.  Why?  Because, once again, the 88 team showed consistent, competitive, strong, and cohesive teamwork.  Steve Letarte, Dale’s crew chief, is encouraging, supportive, and knows how to improve the car for his driver.  It’s great to see.
Highlight of the race: During an in-car interview on a red flag stop, Dale gave a shout-out to his mom, bringing loads of smiles to his pit (and everyone listening). Is it any wonder why he is so well-liked?  
Speaking of moms, I thought you might like a funny mom moment from over the weekend.  
The Crossbody Handbag
Mom: "Oh! Honey, you have to see this cute little handbag I got in the mail."
Me, my handbag buzzer sounding off: "Oooh, lemme see!!!"
Mom, holding something I can only describe as a crinkly mess: "See, it's just big enough to fit my essentials in when I pop over to the craft store! Now, I don't have to haul that big old bag of mine around everywhere."
Insert awkward silence.  Insert crickets.  Picture my eyes, glazed over, staring at the tiny wannabe-handbag-impostor. 
Mom: "Honey? What do you think?"
As she moved the bag to show me how it would look on her, a flash of bright white print caught me eye. 
Me, slightly alarmed: "Mom, what does it say on the front of...it?" I couldn't bring myself to call it a handbag...creature from wannabe-handbag hell, more like.
Mom: "AARP.  They sent it to me. Wasn't that nice?"
Me, vigorously shaking my head: "Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no." 
Mom: "Honey?"
Me: "Mom, do you really want to walk around carrying a bag with AARP printed on it?"
Mom, contemplating things for a moment: "It's like saying, 'here comes the old fart,' isn't it?" I grinned and nodded. "Oh, Lord. You're right. I really did want a crossbody bag, though. Just something I can carry when I need to make a quick trip somewhere."
Me: "I'll keep an eye out for the perfect crossbody handbag for my mama...and it won't have AARP on it." 
Laughter ensued. 
Guess who will be getting a crossbody handbag for her birthday.

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