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Cuor Di Mela. Apple Hearts- Small Bites -Monthy Mingle

By Brii
I don't celebrate San Valentino, for two reasonsthe first is because, Erik (son n°1) is born the 14th February and usually we celebrate his birthday and the other reason is because in Italy it is become a very commercial celebration.this year Erik was in Rome with his girlfriend and I unfortunately had the funeral of a dear friend of mine and where not in the mood to, Gokki (daughter n°3) had the house of her own and made a little dinner for her boy friend Giovanni.I apologize for the bad quality of the photos, everybody had shaky hands :-DDDD
the table with candles and red hearts spread everywhere
candle lights are a "must"
tavolo3the table with all the platestavolo4
even the gnocchi was served in heartshape
cuor di gnocchi1
mozzarella and tomato too
mozzarella2mozzarella1pomodoro2pomodoro 1 potatoes can also be heart shapedpatate2Cuor di Mela - Apple hearts
cuor di mela3
you need:
for 20 heart shaped cookies100gr butter100gr sugar1 egg200gr plain flour1 sachet of vanilla1 tsp of baking powderfor the filling:2 apples20gr of butter
ground cinnamon
icing sugarcuor di mela2whisk the sugar and the butter with a fork, add the egg and bate until cream.add the flour, vanilla and baking powder and work the pastry until all is mixed together.let rest in fridge for at least the meanwhile peel, and cut the apples in small cubes.put in a pan together with the butter, little water and the cinnamon, cook gently for 10minlet cool completely.roll out the dough and with a cookie cutter, cut out 40 hearts.put some apples in the middle of one heart and put over the around edges very well. put the hearts on a baking tray covered with baking paper.bake at 180° C for ca 12/15min.season with icing sugar before serving.cuor di mela4Cuor di Mela. Apple hearts- small bites -Monthy Mingle
this goes to Astrid from
Pulchens Foodblog hosting this month's "Monthly Mingle"the MM page

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