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By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

One of my favorite things about the fashion world right now is how clean and bright everything is. Everything from vivid stripes, tailored pants, structured satchels, right down to popping nail polish shades—fashion has found that fine balance between bold and basic, extravagant and easy. While clothing silhouettes and colors are neutral and minimal, ornate accessories take center stage. I personally like the style of the moment because no matter how much or how little you spend on your outfit, it still has a rich and refined look to it!

And part of that practical polished look is the use of metal accents and hardware details. In line with the minimal movement, clean and simple metal accents offer a bit of luxe to an otherwise blasé look. Fashion houses like Lanvin, Versace, and Vionnet have made it easy to get in on this trend by adding hardware to their lines in the form of cuffs as opposed to putting it directly on their clothing, shoes and bags. Designers produced cuffs with unique finishes, textures and details and seem to be favoring gold (after all gold does look great with the color of the moment- red!)

cuffs HB12 730x1024Fab Find Friday: Cuff It!

However, if any of you are like me, we can’t afford these high-end pieces. In the above Harper’s Bazaar spread alone, not a single one of these cuffs are less than $500! It may be a beautiful bracelet, but why splurge when you can save with similar styles from 1928! We picked some of our most on-trend cuff styles that will add the metal accent to your outfit you’ve been searching for!

gold cuffs1Fab Find Friday: Cuff It!
1. Prominence Silver & Gold Cuff Bracelet- $36

2. Prominence Gold Cuff Bracelet- $36

3. Vintage Brass Lace Stretch Bracelet- $28

4. Vintage Mother of Pearl Cuff Bracelet- $48

5. Felice in Brass Vintage Stretch Bracelet- $24

6. Burnished Antique Brass Stretch Bracelet- $45

How FAB are those prices? Pair them with one of the summer’s hottest nail polish colors to make that gold really sparkle and you’ve got the coveted style down pat! Have a fabulous Friday!

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