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Crochet: Laptop Bag with Six Layer Padding

By Nancymccarroll
You know how Sandra Lee uses prepared foods and makes them look like a lot of prep time went into it, supposedly fooling her guests with a delicious end product?
This crochet project was done along the same lines, using a few things that were on hand in the craft closet and finishing it off with a handmade smaller project.  The end result looks like an expensive purchased laptop case,  IMHO.
Start with a $2 canvas tote from the craft store for the middle lining...sandwich that between the outer crocheted "public side" of the laptop bag and the fabric inner lining.  Then add in some pretty fabric for lining and attach a key ring for personalization.
Crochet: Laptop Bag with Six Layer Padding
Crochet: Laptop Bag with Six Layer Padding
The recylced canvas tote had sturdy handles, so they were disassembled and covered with matching fabric and zigzagged onto the bag (one is hidden and only attached to one side of the bag for ease ofloading the laptop into the jacket).Directions for making this 9" x 12" cover:
  • chain 95 stitches of cotton yarn with Size E crochet hook
  • double crochet contrasting complemenery yarns in rows to your liking (I crocheted 4 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 3 rows to a length of about 23 inches, turning and changing colors at whim at the end of the rows).  Now you have a little piece of fabric that looks like a doll blanket.
  • fold over the finished crocheted piece of fabric to make a (roughly) 11.5"x 9" product; single crochet edges together
  • create lining using canvas and pretty fabric, right sides together, sewn together leaving the ends open, and pressed with a steam iron (only 1/3 yd. of fabric is required)
  • sandwich the canvas sturdy lining between with the pretty fabric lining cut to 23" x 9" to create a 6 layered, cushy pad for your laptop.  Add a finished fabric binding to the top of the tote to cover the raw edges.
  • create fabric covered straps from the canvas tote by sewing fabric atop the handles and turning the fabric over with 1/4 inch edges, tacking down with blind stitches
  • add a purchased key ring with charms to finish off the tote
Note: some assembly is required (grin)

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