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Coronets Are Modern and Stylish Fashion Headbands

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton

Some of the most in-demand headbands these days are the coronets, which are great for various affairs and events. These fashion headbands are also used as staples in weddings.

Undoubtedly, coronet headbands are modern head accessories that any beautiful bride would want on her during her special day. Many brides have already overused the tiara that it’s time for coronet headbands to become worthy substitute of sorts when it comes to bridal accessories.

coronet headband

What is a coronet?

The coronet of the olden times was a French-influenced headgear that resembled a small crown that’s made of a metal ring. It used to be a décor in the coat of arms of ancient noblemen, princes, and princesses. Despite being called a coronet, the old version differs from the modern crown since it doesn’t possess any arch. Likewise, it doesn’t resemble the modern tiara, since the coronet covers the head completely whereas tiara just goes halfway.

Some Fashionable Coronet Headbands:

1. Swarovski Pearl Sterling Silver Coronet

Some of the most popular coronets are ones that are made of Swarovski and pearls. Apart from the standard white color, ladies can have them in a variety of hues. The standard base for this Swarovski-Pearl coronet is a metal wire that can be secured by hairpins. Wire loops are attached strongly to the base with the use of bobby pins. Heights are from 1 to 2 inches at the center.

2. Jerusalem Coronet

The Jerusalem of Gold coronet headband is wholly manufactured by hands. It is made of high-quality metal strings with a coating of pure gold. Jerusalem coronet is flexible; hence, it can fit any woman’s head. A blushing Bat Mitzvah girl would love to wear this beautiful coronet. Indeed, any young lady would want this fashionable headband as an accessory to complete her ensemble at a special event.

3. Pearl Bridal Coronet Headband

Pearl Bridal is an elegant wedding coronet headband that exudes style and convenience. Such a coronet is a mini version of a full crown. It has a silver-plated band that’s set with imitation faux pearls. Most accessory designers consider this headpiece as truly a stylish accessory.

Pearl Bridal coronets are worn around the hair bun while donning a pretty up-do. It can also be placed off the center, on either the side or back of the head. Apart from weddings, women may wear pearl bridal coronets during dance shows and costume parties.

Unique and elegant, coronets are fashion headbands that are just right for every girl; whether she has to go to a costume party as a princess, or is heading down the aisle for her dream wedding. They are the best head fashion accessories that can make any woman a standout in a crowd.

Image Source: Looneymaiden

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