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Cool, Fashionable Toys To Get Your Toddler in 2017

By The Fashionable Housewife @thehousewife
Cool, Fashionable Toys To Get Your Toddler in 2017

As your infant becomes a toddler, the number of toys they can properly appreciate increases exponentially. It can be hard to choose what to get your child when they are so many amazing products to choose from.

In this post, we have a few cool, new toys that will grab your attention and your toddlers...

1) Moulin Roty torch

Cool, Fashionable Toys To Get Your Toddler in 2017
Having trouble getting your 2-year old to go to bed? Transform story time into a fabulous spectacle by getting them a Moulin Roty torch.

This famous French toy company has created an amazing product which shines light through slides to tell stories using fifties-style animation, taking this end of the day ritual to a whole other level.

With multiple models available, you'll have plenty of material that won't get repetitive as time goes by.

2) Jumbo Talking Minion Dave

Cool, Fashionable Toys To Get Your Toddler in 2017
Does your toddler love the Despicable Me movies? If they can't stop watching this popular series, then bringing home a Jumbo Talking Minion Dave will put a smile on their face which will stay there for weeks on end.

This toy is crafted after Dave, one of the most prominent Minions in the Despicable Me movies, with everything from his goggles to his overalls matching how they appear in the films.

Made from super soft material and coming with ten catchphrases that can be triggered by pressing a button embedded in his left hand, this is a gift which will become an endless source of joy for your child.

3) VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Cool, Fashionable Toys To Get Your Toddler in 2017
In 2017, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Many parents allow their children to use their tablets and phones to play games and watch shows, but younger ones may lack the maturity to use these devices without breaking them at some point.

Just the same, it can be a source of tension to deny your toddler access to your phone, so it makes sense to give them one of their own (sorta).

The VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone will help satisfy their curiosity, as there are multiple modes which allow toddlers to listen to child-friendly tunes and to push buttons that activate various lights and sounds when triggered.

Note that this toy is not moisture-proof, so don't let your child use this toy in the bath.

4) LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Cool, Fashionable Toys To Get Your Toddler in 2017
For many kids, there is nothing more fun than a tea party. While the simple act of pulling together a bunch of stuffed animals, pretend cake, and a play tea pot can be fun enough on its own, a toy like the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set can take this event to the next level.

This interactive tea pot plays seven songs and flashes up to six different colors, making it a more exciting affair than it usually is.

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