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Cooking with Your Kids {No TV Activity 6}

By Chandnis80
Research shows that cooking with your kids can
  • It encourages kids to try healthy foods.
  • Kids feel like they are accomplishing something and contributing to the family.
  • Kids are more likely to sit down to a family meal when they helped prepare it.
  • Parents get to spend quality time with their kids.
  • Kids aren't spending time in front of the TV or computer while they're cooking.
  • Kids generally aren't eating junk food when they're cooking a meal at home.
  • Learning to cook is a skill your children can use for the rest of their lives.
  • Kids who learn to eat well may be more likely to eat healthfully as adults.
  • Positive cooking experiences can help build self-confidence.
  • Kids who cook with their parents may even be less likely to abuse drugs.
So what are the way can we help our preschoolers help us in the kitchen???? These are few things that our preschoolers can do with us:
  • Scrub, dip, tear, break, and snap (for example, snapping the ends off green beans)
  • Shake, spread, and cut with a cookie or biscuit cutter
  • Peel (some items), roll, juice, and mash
  • Remove husks from corn
  • Wash vegetables in a colander
  • Measure and pour some ingredients
  • Hand mix
Heres what we cooked:)
We made some home made wheat breads together....... can u see the look on my sons face..... precious!!! Isnt it?
Cooking with your kids {No TV Activity 6}
Please check out other recipes that my kids have created ofcourse with my supervision.
Tiny tot chef.
Cooking with your kids {No TV Activity 6}

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