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Common Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

By Weddingblog2011

Many of us fantasize about the perfect wedding day where all goes well and absolutely nothing interferes to ruin it. However, getting to and having that perfect day requires careful planning and organization. There are no doubts bumps and bruises expected, so here are some common wedding mistakes you might wish to avoid:

Plan now! Getting married in a year? Begin planning for it today. Believe it or not, most reception sites book at least a year in advance, and waiting until the last minute to find your desired location no longer available can throw you for a loop. You do not want to be scrambling around at the last minute, so begin to search or book your banquet hall or wedding site of choice as soon as you can manage it.

Keep everything within budget: With the downturn in the economy, it’s easy to over-spend especially when you’re determined to have a wedding that rivals that of a celebrity. Unless you have that kind of money to squander, try to keep everything within a certain budget so you do not have to cut back on things at the last minute. Focus on the most important things which are usually the dress, food, and the honeymoon. You don’t always have to use the most expensive things. A little creativity and discovering that your grandma can still bake a great cake could help to cut down costs.

Do not stick around until the last minute: A common mistake most couples make on their wedding day involves staying until the very last guest has gone home. This can make for an awkward situation as most guests would rather the couple leave first before they do. Sometimes guests are forced to remain just to make the couple happy, so instead of sticking around, you can always leave early whereby you are more likely to receive cheers and well-wishes from your guests.

Do not spend most of the night dealing with the photographer: Some couples find themselves stuck with the task of taking posed pictures after the church ceremony forcing most of their guests already at the reception, to wait for hours on end for their arrival. An easy way to eliminate this problem happening is planning to take pre-ceremony wedding shots – this can be a day or a week before the big day. This allows you to have more time to spend at the reception.

Do spend the night before trying to relax: Most brides feel the need to do everything before the big day and end up becoming too stressed and frantic in their desperation to keep everything just perfect. Instead of spending hours working on those last minute place cards or trying to bake your own desserts just because you noticed something new in the latest magazine or Food Network show, and you believe you can tackle it – let everyone else do the work. You’ve spent the past few months preparing for the big day, so just sit back, get a massage, go to bed early and believe that in the morning, you’ll have that wedding day you’ve always wanted.

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