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Coming into My Senses

By Ian_delapena

Over the past couple of weeks I have been going gaga over my blogs including this very blog that you are in right now.
I was trying to achieve more of a lifestyle blog by fixing the layout and everything making more hip and artsy. But nothing has satisfied me yet.
I have also been reading more these past few days and it has renewed my passion for writing, really? I have a passion for writing? hahaha I have not realized that until I this very moment that I am writing this line. But I guess yes I maybe I do have a passion for writing, even though my writing skills are mediocre.
While reading a blog that I have been following for a while now, it sort of reminded me about what this blog is all about, Me.
Sure this blog has gone through so many forms from being my therapy, to personal, a travel blog and now a lifestyle blog wanna be but now I have restored my vow to keep this blog as a sacred ground of my thoughts and my being.

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