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Comfortable Silence

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls exhaust us with their questions.  A friend's mother once said to me, "I needed a nap after they were here.  How do you keep us with all the questions?"
Last night we sent the girls to my brother's family for the night.  We had tickets to see Alan Cumming at the Harris Theater.  Before the show (fabulous fun, by the way), we went to dinner.  The young adults sitting around us were chatting happily about whatever.  We hardly spoke to each other.  I'm sure they were thinking, "Oh, look at those middle-aged people with nothing to talk about."  We were thinking, "Oh, how nice it is to eat in quiet."
It wasn't just dinner that was quiet.  We hardly spoke during the drive downtown.  Okay, so I napped which kept the conversation to a minimum.  We also hardly spoke during the walk to the restaurant, the show or the drive home.
We were nearly home when I said, "It is so nice to drive in silence."  My husband said, "I know.  It's so quiet."
The girls come home today so the silence will not last much longer, but we really enjoyed it while we had it.

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