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Color Roundup: Using Radiant Orchid in Interior Design

By Lindaleyble @LindaLeyble

My Take on Radiant Orchid

 Radiant Orchid

I have always been a fan of this color – whether a more or less intense or more red or violet versions. Color experts say it’s an artistic color (I would agree!) and that it symbolizes innovation, creativity and originality. Yup – in total agreement. This girl loved it so much that she dyed her communion dress orchid! A few days after the ceremony, I had my mother buy some Rit Dye to make a beautiful princess dress in that color. I was in color heaven!

What I don’t agree on is some of the statements I see in many articles on how to use it. I read today a comment from an expert who said to just use it in small doses – like adding toss pillows in the color. That’s fine if you have a mostly neutral room with a white or off white sofa or perhaps taupe walls with a chocolate sofa…but there are many instances that this toss pillow idea just won’t work! The colors in your room have to blend, at least, with this very brilliant hue.

Here are some great ways to use this color in interior design…


using Radiant Orchid in interior design

It works in small doses – with grays and other neutrals. Above, Holly Kidwell used it to punch up the color in this lovely bedroom.

Jamie Drake's us of Radiant Orchid

Designer Jamie Drake used varying shades and tints of the color in this vibrant living room. Notice how he used the color to have your eye flow from one spot to another in the room.

Radiant Orchid as an accent color by Jamie Drake

It works as an accent color. Here’s Jamie Drake again using it in a closet – a very elegant closet.

Radiant orchid in a living room

Designer Wendi Young used a slightly more violet version of the color in this lovely living room. I love the walls – a dusty pink faux finish. The mix of golds and creams and the punch of deep purple in the accessories works beautifully.

one spot of radiant orchid in a room

Anna Antunes shows us how just a few touches of radiant orchid can take a neutral room from nice to beautiful.

Radiant Orchid artwork in a neutral room

You’d like to be more bold with the color but you don’t want the commitment on your walls? Look for a beautiful piece of art that contains the color of the year!

Radiant orchid in a home office

If you want to be more daring, think about using it as a wall color. Here designer and color expert, Lisa Teague, uses it in her home office. A creative person can really benefit from a big dose of this inspiring color. On your bedroom walls – maybe not. You might have trouble sleeping. But in a space you use to dream up ideas and designs – for sure! I love the hue with those bright touches of orange – so vibrant.

Lisa Teague in a more violet version of radiant orchid

Designer, Lisa Teague

You see, no shy violet here.  Lisa practices what she preaches – in a sweater that’s a more violet version of Radiant Orchid!

I still wear the color (mostly since I became a blonde – it seems to go with my hair color and complexion). Since I have a fair complexion and my hair is blonde – so hardly any contrast going on – a soft version of the color suits me the best.

radiant orchid sweater and learning screenprinting

Me, learning screenprinting from Lucretia Moroni of Fatto a Mano in NYC

a radiant orchid sweater

Wearing the same sweater, here I am teaching a class on Color and Design

Here I am wearing a light tint of the color. I wore this sweater a lot – until my husband put it in the dryer and shrunk it! It has been nearly impossible to find this color anywhere in the stores. Now – I guess it will become easier. What I love about it is that it is a warmer color – not cool as in a totally lilac hue. Once I wore the sweater to a cocktail reception in Floral Park NY for Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio. She came up to me and told me it was the perfect color for my complexion. Thanks Melanie…I agree!

Color Roundup: Using Radiant Orchid in Interior Design

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