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Today we continue on with our popular series of collaborating with the great poetesses and poets of the blogsphere. We will be looking for writers for next month's collaboration. If you're interested, contact me or send in one of your poems. We will pick one of the poems and feature it each month.Before we start this month's collaboration, I have an announcement about our blogging schedule. I started out as a photographer who wrote a blog. I am now in danger of becoming a blogger who photographs and I need to get back to my photography, my business and my life lol. Plus feeding the monster can be dangerous for us bloggers, we need to have high quality food (content) and if we stretch ourselves too thin, we risk feeding inferior food to our readers. With this in mind, I will be blogging three times a week instead of five times. I hope you all understand and appreciate my reasons for this change. Most weeks it will be on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. We're only changing due to business obligations or photographic trips.Thank you for following us and making us part of this great neighborhood of enormous breadth, both geographically and intellectually. Our next follower will be number 200 and we are fast approaching 15000 page views. To us, this is amazingly wonderful. We once again thank you with all our heart. Now on to the fun stuff!!!Adriene blogs under the name, Sweepy Jean and writes poetry under the name A D Joyce.  This is one lady of amazing and varied talents who lucky for me writes one of her original poems for all of us today. I think I will let Adriene describe Sweepy Jean and A D Joyce for us. From her blog:These are the musings of a writer, mother, wife, fantard, and citizen of the world trying to find her way. A long-time poet who at one time forgot how to speak has opened her mouth again and is finding her voice.I feel so unique but really, I am so typical. After a couple of decades sublimating myself to the needs of my family–experiencing the joys and trials that family life can dish out–I finally realize that, after God, I should be my priority. Then, next in line are my husband and my two adult children who have repopulated my empty nest (thanks busted economy).On my “day job” as an editor/writer for a medical magazine, I’m satisfied with my level of accomplishment. But what about my unfulfilled dreams that haunt me in the cold dark of night? Right now my goal is to complete a book of poetry and get it published somehow.After that, who knows?
If you have read Sweepy Jean's blog you will have no doubt that the book will be published and you will want to own it and read it over and over again.A D Joyce's Poem Titled:To Summer.
Our eyes met When pink and whiteWere brilliant,Timeless, fleetingCherry blossoms.COLLABORATION WITH POETESS, SWEEPY JEAN aka A D JOYCEWe hate toLeave the moment.We mimicThe soft green treesDrink late spring rain,Face to faceCatching silverOn our tonguesQuenching a thirst--Small, delicateCOLLABORATION WITH POETESS, SWEEPY JEAN aka A D JOYCEA rainbowBetrays the sun.In us, heat,Our hearts meltingAs springtime flamesCOLLABORATION WITH POETESS, SWEEPY JEAN aka A D JOYCETo summer

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