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Coffee Quote #28 – Longevity, Cigars and Coffee

By Aristippos

Coffee Quote #28 – Longevity, Cigars and Coffee

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Javier Pereira lived 169 years with lots of coffee, cigars and without worries / Stamp from Colombia


Coffee Quote #28 – Longevity, Cigars and Coffee

Javier Pereira lived 169 years with lots of coffee, cigars and without worries / Stamp from Colombia


Do not worry, drink lots of coffee and smoke a good cigar

Javier Pereira (1789 – 1958) very old zenú indian and colombian epicurean


When Javier Pereira was taken to New York in 1956 it was with the intention of having experts study him and conclude with accuracy, if he was as old as it was being claimed. They were able to state that heart, arteries and brain were well preserved but through tests it was clear to them that he had to be at least 150 years of age. As a member of the zenú indian tribe, whose culture in farming and goldsmith was spent from 200 BC until about the 17th century in Colombia, Pereira had not less than five wifes, chewed on cocoa, drank much coffee and smoked cigars regularly.

International list of centenarians

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