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Cocozelle Zucchini

By Scarecrow
Cocozelle ZucchiniA late December planting of Zucchini provides vigorous growing plants by the end of January and the heatwaves of February.
Cocozelle ZucchiniWhile the Golden Zucchini has withered away in the heat these new plants (Cocozelle) are growing strongly and producing curious but delicious zucchinis!
Cocozelle ZucchiniPlanted under 50% shadecloth their flowers have been hand pollinated as not many bees will venture under the cloth. The shadecloth is set low over this bed to protect the plants from the hot western sun of the afternoon.
Cocozelle ZucchiniThe mottling on the leaves is not mildew
but just the silvery pattern they produce.
Cocozelle ZucchiniAny leaf that strays out of the cover is scorched by the sun.
Cocozelle ZucchiniSeed from The Lost Seed where it is described as:
"Italian heirloom. Bush. Pale green, long, cylindrical fruit with dark green stripes."

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