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Classic Review – Charade (1963)

Posted on the 14 February 2012 by Mattstewart

Classic Review – Charade (1963)

Not but ten years after her feature debut and Hepburn is acting like a true Hollywood star. What’s to be said about Charade that hasn’t already been said before? It’s a Hitchcock-like thriller (with a lot of comedy, too) filled with nothing but twists and turns until the grand finale. Just the way I like ‘em!

Regina “Reggie” Lambert (Audrey Hepburn) is taking a fun little skiing trip to wash away her problems, and has intentions of divorcing her husband when she returns home, but when she gets there she is only to find that he has been murdered. she is called to the U.S. Embassy where she learns that her husband was part of a theft taking 250,000 dollars from the government. She doesn’t know where it is, and with three strangers coming after her she has nowhere to go. But with the help of her new friend, Dyle (Cary Grant) she will stop at nothing to find the money, and the truth.

Oh, what a delightful film! Charade is just what I needed right now. As a movie buff often I find the dramatic, intelligent, and ambitious movies the most fun to watch, but sometimes it’s so much fun to just turn my brain off and have a good time. Charade brilliantly manages an easy to follow yet intelligent and entertaining film (they are hard to come by, ya know?).

Grant and Hepburn have easy chemistry that you won’t see too often in today’s time, both delivering funny and enjoyable performances. Charade is just one of those films that when you’re feeling blue, it is the perfect film.


 Note: For a little while I am going to try to keep my reviews 300 words or lower. It’s so hard to make them short sometimes, and taking this as a challenge will help my writing and critiquing skills, only highlighting the important parts in a film, instead of mindlessly running over the entire thing.

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