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Chris (u8a22) Update. Tasteless Videos. Smoke Before Watching.

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Chris (u8a22) Update. Tasteless Videos. Smoke Before Watching.

Let me start by saying that Chris (u8a22) has been getting a lot of gifts lately. We (Polly & Crackers) started the trend… but now she’s getting Bret Michales tees, assortments of print bandannas, autographs, and much much more.

Although we feel played, the excitement from these gifts has caused her video uploads to skyrokett. Make sure to subscribe to u8a22 on YouTube for at least one tasteless laugh a week. This bia will keep you entertained and horrified simultaneously. In fact- that is why I love her. Here is a sample of some of her new vids: Seriously. Some are twisted.

More Videos:

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