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China: Man Sues Ex-Wife for Concealing Plastic Surgery

By Shauntee

Weekend Buzz: You’re Just too Ugly for Me

Photo Credit:TMRzoo.com

The weekend buzz circulating around the net this weekend featured a story about a man in China who sued his ex-wife and won. Nothing new here because people sue their ex’s all the time. What made this story totally interesting is that he sued her being too ugly. Apparently, after giving birth to a child, the husband found the child to be ugly and felt that the child couldn’t possibly be something that he and his beautiful wife made. I’m assuming he felt as though he was just too attractive to ever produce anything that he considered ugly (sarcastic smirk). As any man would do when there’s a question of paternity, he then accused her of having an affair. After being faced with these accusations, the wife then admitted that she spent $100,000 on plastic surgery that resulted in an ugly duckling being turned into a beautiful swan before she met him. He then filed for divorce and sued her. He won $120,000 after claiming she lured him into marriage under false pretenses.

As I type this post, I’m sitting here wondering how many people I can sue for misrepresenting themselves. People misrepresent themselves all the time when you think about it. People lead you on thinking that you’re dating and it’s going somewhere when they know it’s not. Men lead women on to believe they are looking for the same things, when in fact they’re not and last but not least, people portray that they’re single when in fact they’re not. So I question what validates something as misrepresentation, can someone sue me because I didn’t tell them I wear hair extensions and they assumed I had long flowing black hair? Needless to say, I thought love was unconditional; whatever she looked liked in the past shouldn’t have mattered. And on another note, what parent calls their baby “incredibly ugly” anyway!

So my question is, when and how do we tell someone that we’ve had physically altering surgery? We live in a world where people get nip tucks, have gastric bypass, gender reassignment surgeries, and essentially go through drastic procedures for the sake of beauty. Do we tell our potential boo that “hey, I’ve had gastric bypass” or “I’ve had cosmetic surgery”. I think it really depends on the type of surgery because I would like to know if you use to have a dugout but now you got a bat and a set of balls. You can alter any physical imperfections that you may have, you can get a smaller nose, bigger breast, a smaller tummy, and even have a change of heart but you can’t mess with your DNA and your genes which is quite evident in this case. Although I believe that she should’ve mentioned it, I don’t believe she should’ve been sued. The fact that he called their daughter incredibly ugly, sued her, and I’m assuming wants nothing to do with his child makes him a total asshole.

If someone you fell in love with revealed that they had physically altering surgery, how would you react? Isn’t love supposed to be unconditional? Do you believe his claim had any merit?

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