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Chickenpox Almost Done! Alhumdillah!

By Umkhaloodie

Well, our absolute nightmare is almost done. Yesterday was definitely the worse, that was day 3. They really started to get itchy and almost painful. I ignored advice given to me of ‘no baths’. We bathed at least twice a day in baking soda and in oatmeal! It really helped Oodie. Alooi only had 2 pox, one on her face and one on her arm. Oodie definitely got the worst of it. I’m hoping though she will have got enough immunity.
In the UK, the shot is only offered to children who may have severe complications. Silly, really but I guess it comes down to money.
In Kuwait I have heard it can only be offered from a private hospital and we do our vaccinations via the government so I’m not sure how that would work with the wee grey book.
It’s definitely not a bad thing that they have got it now, in winter, and at a young age. Oodie was actually more bearable than I thought. Alooia barely noticed hers. She just kept saying she had an ‘owie’. I’m glad we are almost done with it! Who knows where it came from, I don’t recall them being near kids that had it, but who knows, doesn’t even need to be skin to skin/ touch, it’s pretty much airborne. Nasty, horrible infection- good riddance is all I can say!

Here’s a few pics from Day 3.


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