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Chad Ochocinco Marketing Kansas City Sporting SC

By Mixtapekid45

Chad Ochocinco Kansas City Sporting Sc Jersey
Chad Ochocinco has made the reserve team for Kansas City Sporting SC. This whole story really is quote interesting because i feel like all along Ochocinco never wanted to make the team. Nor he probably would have thought that he would have made it.
He has used his time with Sporting SC as condtioning "“I’d (do it because) it would be good conditioning instead of sitting at home. Why sit at home when there’s a lockout? Let’s just keep on working until it gets resolved. And once it does get resolved, I’ll be in the best shape of (anybody).”
He has a very good point soccer is one of the best and greatest ways to build conditioning into sport. Also by being on the reserve team you do not get paid. Which does not matter to Ochocinco.
The real reason i think Kansas SC held on two Ochocinco was because of his marketing ability. Kansas rarely receives this much hype in any of their sports over a year.
In the last 6 days it has been quite amazing. This opportunity has attracted the media. Kansas SC should be smart and look to create some more sponsorships.
As well as putting some relevant ads on TV regrading season tickets plans while the interest is peaked on the Kansas SC. This would be important especially because the MLS is looking to create interest in their sport. Behind the NFL and the NBA this would be a great opportunity for them to do this.
Do you Think Ochocinco is just doing this for publicity? Or just another one of his antics?
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