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Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I

By Elizabethwix
Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I
Sindibad, the monarch of all he surveys, now lives a very pampered life but was born in the vegetable market in Djemma El Fna.
Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I
This elegant young lady is our Mimi reincarnated -- the same multicolored fur and up-slanted eyes.
Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I
Taking a nap in Gueliz in a planter with bamboo.
Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I
Taking a nap in the old part of town in a nice cardboard box.
Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I
Waiting for her babies to arrive in a nice sunny spot in Essouira.....
Cats/ Morocco Edition Part I
This mother-to-be was photographed in exactly the same meat market where Sindibad (in the top picure) was born. May her kittens be just as handsome.

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