Divorce Magazine

Carnivorous Beasts

By Judithmiddleton

CARNIVOROUS BEASTS So your husband has cheated on you, added insult to injury by lying about it, and has broken his promise to make amends by coming home early every night. Sounds familiar but what do you do about it, other than instruct a divorce lawyer? Sometimes these transgressions are hard to forgive and do lead down the road of permanent separation. Often, however, couples are looking for a way to forgive and forget but when trust has been broken, it isn’t always possible. A new client recently told me that she had the answer. “He is going to eat carrots,” she said. “A rather unusual punishment,” I thought as she continued to add to the list of culinary delights: potatoes, cabbage, lentils, chick peas, rice, peas, tomatoes, cucmber and lettuce. “It does sound very vegetarian,” I murmured. “Exactly,” she replied, handing me a text book from an Indian school called “New Healthway” and stabbing her finger at a paragraph. Meat-eaters easily cheat, lie, forget promises and commit sex crimes", it read. So there you have it ladies. All those pork chops and roast beef dinners, you thought were the way to his heart have actually been having the opposite effect! Needless to say educationalists in India are trying to get the book removed from school shelves.

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