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Cardboard Parking Deck ..tutorial

By Kinderpendent
cardboard parking deck ..tutorial
This project was so easy to make, using some cardboard scraps (actually, left overs from the cardboard castle!), paint & the hot glue gun. If you enjoy design, beware, you may really love this one! (I did.)
cardboard parking deck ..tutorial
To make you'll need cardboard, paint & a hot glue gun.
1. Paint your base (the bottom piece).
2. Paint the 2nd floor (it will be slightly smaller than the base), then cut a slit on one end. This will be a ramp.
3. Paint the 3rd floor (smaller than the 2nd floor). Again, cut a slit for a ramp.
4. Cut the walls to hold up the 2nd and 3rd floors using scraps. Then paint them a contrasting color (our green pieces).
5. Use hot glue to glue the walls to the base, 2nd floor to the walls, etc... Design as you like! We even added a covered parking spot on the top floor!
6. When finished, use markers to add details.
cardboard parking deck ..tutorial
Add cars + enjoy!
cardboard parking deck ..tutorial

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