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Can You Make a SACRIFICE?

By Saintgoody

Heroes and saints have something in common they both sacrificed their life, for the truth and love of people and belief.  They’re just an ordinary people who leave and extraordinary example for us to follow.
I was reading an article yesterday about the life of Benigo “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. I admire what he did for my country (Philippines), he sacrifices his life for the love of his people, (he was assassinated during martial law) He said “There comes a time in a man’s life when he must prefer a meaningful death to a meaningless life.”  How great a country would be if every citizen would have the same passion and love for its country and people!
I love reading. And one of my favorite books to read is the life of saints, because it brings me inspiration and gives me wisdom, aside from the Bible.  And one thing that I admire about those saints is the sacrifices they made.  They sacrifice their comfort; they chose to live on the streets and help the sick, their feelings; when hurt they remain quiet and always give consideration, and even their appetite; they forbid to eat the food they love. They live their whole life with humility, obedience, self denial and prayer.  Their love for Jesus Christ and their faith makes them able to become a saint.  
Those kinds of people choose to take the road less traveled by many.  And I’m wondering if you will dare to choose either of the two, heroes and saints? That must be real tough decisions to make.  But one thing I know and believe, there’s always a heroes and saints live in your heart, you just need to know and listen and you will become one.
I hope you will have a great day! Enjoy my photos and be inspired with my simple thoughts.
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?
Can you make a SACRIFICE?

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