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Campaign to Combat FAITH-BASED DECEPTION is Online.

Posted on the 21 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Campaign to Combat FAITH-BASED DECEPTION is Online.I see you,
hiding in the shadows of mankind's most explicit dread
mainstream messengers
imprisoners of mankind's quest for real answers to real questions
I see you,
turning good men against good men in the name of faith
promoting prejudice
creating brain-washed soldiers for future crusades and invasions
I see you,
cowering behind the tattered curtain of Oz
fabricating dreams
inventing markets upon which mankind, in his adulant innocence, is totally dependent
I see you,
waging war on good, simple folk who want nothing more than a life
murdering hope
destroyers of that one thing they should believe in more than others
THEIR HUMAN SELF, their fragile homeworld; their free planet.
I see you,
your religions, your demons, your segregation, your country, your debt
fleeting refraction
across the diamond tipped drill of the truth that is whirring towards your lying heart
this is the Campaign to Combat FAITH-BASED DECEPTION.
and you have been seen
by me,
by others,
we are no longer alone in your twisted nightmare, no longer sub-servient
we all see you, now, for the frightened magician, the conjuror, the liar that you are
now defeated
laid to rest.

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By Michcael Irions
posted on 23 December at 07:55
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"Believe Nothing" I'll start with the hate-monger that wrote this article. "Believe nothing" That means you, too, right? So if I start with the guy who wrote the article, this blog becomes rather funny and impotent. "I see you" You will never guess Who is Watching you! You the deluded hater with nothing more than a burr under your saddle that is your fault. And you are placing blame else where. It's OK though Adam did the same thing. "Believe Nothing" is a self refuting statement, too bad you do not see your own fallacy. Merry Christmas!!!