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Bullied for Pain Meds

By Slattenk
A mom told the story of her 11-year-old son’s first day back to school after breaking his ankle. As he got off the school bus, he was immediately approached by a number of kids he didn’t really know who asked him what medication he was taking for pain. Why did the care so much? Because they wanted some of his drugs!
His mom was shocked that this had happened. She allowed herself to be the “bad guy” and had her son tell those kids that his mom had the drugs locked up. He could only have one at a time and had to take it immediately in front of her. That was the end of them trying to bully him for the drugs – thank goodness.
Be aware that if your child takes medication for pain, ADHD or any other condition, they are at risk for being bullied for some of their drugs.

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