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Buchanan: "An Establishment in Panic"

Posted on the 09 July 2011 by Jc_refuge
Read this timely piece by Pat Buchanan.
"... The Republican Party has not said it will refuse to raise the debt ceiling. It has an obligation to do so, and will.
"The House has simply said it will not accept new taxes on a nation whose fiscal crisis comes from overspending.
"If the GOP keeps its word, raises the debt ceiling and accepts budget cuts agreed to in the Biden negotiations, the only people who can prevent the debt ceiling's being raised are Senate Democrats or Obama, in which case, they, not the GOP, will have thrown the nation into default.
"It is the establishment that is resorting to extortion, saying, in effect, to the House GOP: Give us the new taxes we demand, or Obama will veto the debt ceiling and we will all blame you for the default.
"They're bluffing.
"The GOP should stand its ground -- and fix bayonets."
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