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Breathe in

By Superinspire @nenadciric


During my recent yoga lesson, as we were finishing the day with a relaxing meditation one important concept spontaneously occurred to me. There is really no need to focus on the things we want to free ourselves from.  Negative thoughts, physical or mental imperfections. No need to work on those issues ether. All we need is clarity and constant focus on not only what we want, but what we know we deserve. It’s about breathing in and letting new experiences come into your life. Not about breathing out the old ones. Positive ideas can easily occupy the space of old and no longer desired thought patterns. That’s how we can place an order from the Universe’s infinite catalog and be sure that we will receive it when the time is right. As soon as the stars are aligned and people, places and circumstances shift to create the life experiences that we are entitled to.

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