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Brandsphere Infographic Lays 0ut Your Brand Revenue Stream

Posted on the 30 September 2011 by Chrisbrown


Brandsphere Infographic Lays 0ut Your Brand Revenue StreamAnother great infographic from Brian Stolis and JESS3, famous for The Conversation Prism, helps make sense of brand marketing in social media.

If you’re like many marketing professionals, you may be struggling with your 2012 strategic marketing plan. Wondering how to incorporate social media tactics and integrate them into your traditional marketing techniques? I’ve found it valuable to study how Brian views the tools.

He breaks it down into 5 categories:

  1. Paid: digital advertising banners, adwords, overlays
  2. Promoted: in-stream or social paid promotions vehicles
  3. Owned: created assets, custom content
  4. Shared: open platforms or communities where customers co-create and collaborate with brands
  5. Earned: brand-related convesations and user-generated content

Here is Brian’s reasoning for the infographic and the new channels:

Over the years, I’ve studied the various categorization of media from a few perspectives, 1) that of traditional content creation, owners, budgets, and metrics, 2) how social networks cater to consumption and sharing, 3) how progressive businesses are approaching content strategies in social media and how they’re rethinking departments, intentions, metrics, and budgets, and 4) also how media opportunities are packaged and sold by each network.

If you’re revising your strategic marketing matrix to incorporate social media, this may help your team stay focused while they are diving into the “new bright shiny” objects.

The infographic is available for purchase as a poster for $20 at his website, The Conversation Prism.

Brandsphere Infographic Lays 0ut Your Brand Revenue StreamOnce again, I find it easier to make sense of this chart by not looking at the woods, but at the forest… or at least what I consider the keystone… the very center of the chart.

The point is to tell the brand story…to communicate the brand’s personalization, relevance, value and empathy by the interactions with various community members.

Too many companies treat social media marketing like traditional advertising. They approach it with one way (megaphone style) communication of features (which assumes that if you hear the computer has a RS-232 that you know that’s the one you’ll want to buy!)

It’s like getting a lecture from your dad and later yacking with a girlfriend. Brand conversations become more relevant with a similar underlying message being delivered by different methods in different voices.

Do you agree? Or disagree? Or do you think I missed the point entirely?


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