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Boy in a Boat with a Mackeral!

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs

So a few weeks ago in the midst of chaotic and overtly stressfull day, hundreds of questions and things to do and only 5 minutes to do them in, you know the kind of days I mean. Well in the midst of all that Daniel (Boss man) comes to me in the kitchen
"we have a special commision cake request" he explains beaming ear to ear
"ok, whats the brief"
"the customer would like a cake with a boy in a chelsea kit, sitting in a boat fishing with a mackeral popping out of the water"
I heard
"boy in a chelsea kit; in a boat fishing with a mackeral in his mouth" oh how I laughed out loud (and cried a little inside) how the hell was we going to execute this.
Well once the laughter had subsided and I'd finally realised the little boy did not have to attempt to eat a live mackeral (like I said was one of those days and my brain just would not compute) I collected the lasagna's for 4 and we huddled in the office and artistic ideas got beaten down with tecnical details, technical details got battered about by artistic ideas and in the end we all agreed upon this. But the stars of this cake are Anna and Vincenzo the work is as outstanding as the original request, keep the challenges up people we love it! Boy in a boat with a mackeral!Boy in a boat with a mackeral!Boy in a boat with a mackeral!

let us know what you think of our cake, have a great time this bank holiday from all of us at the Family Cake company.

Nicola Quigley and Zach Rapacioli.

020 7619 7793

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