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Boxer Helps Other Dogs As Blood Donor

By David13676 @dogspired

Boxer Helps Other Dogs As Blood DonorAs a regular donor, Winston makes sure to give blood every few months. His pints save the lives of many others in need — this is, those of the canine variety.

“Dogs and cats need blood, just like [humans] do in emergency situations,” Dr. Rebekah Heinz told ABC affiliate KTUL-TV.

Winston, a friendly boxer who lives in Oklahoma, takes a needle to the jugular to give to other canines. That’s because like humans with an O negative blood type, “boxers are the universal blood donors for dogs,” Winston’s owner told KTUL-TV.

His donations recently helped a Yorkie named Barkley, who lost a good amount of blood when he had to have his spleen removed.

It wasn’t too long ago that Winston needed help himself. Before coming to live with his current owners, Winston was abused.

But now, Winston is paying it forward. Whenever donations are needed, he is on-call at the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Okla.

~ Courtesy of ABC News

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