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By Theplaceswevebeen @petenewbury

Today, we went to the Seoul International Book Fair to get our “read” on. It was held at COEX , which is a convention center and underground shopping mall. The annual book fair is held over several days and has different seminars on various topics. We just wanted something to do on a free Sunday afternoon and maybe pick up a book or two.

For the most part, the book fair was more Korean than international but, there were exhibitors from France, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and a couple of other countries. The Saudi Arabian booth was very interesting and we were drawn in by the friendly booth staff. One of the booth staff, a man from Pakistan (ironic, I know) gave me details about Saudi Arabia and Islam. Another person gave Cindy a ton of literature on Islam, in a poorly designed box that was dropped on one occasion. She even mentioned that; “If you’re going to try to convert me, at least give me a bag.” We felt that we were being witnessed to. We are pretty solid in our beliefs so we won’t be switching, but,  it was a great way to gain knowledge.

Two women looking at books about Saudi Arabia.
Two women looking at books about Saudi Arabia.
Cindy @ the International Book Fair

The book fair was embracing the future of reading with an e-book reading center. A place people could read ebooks on different e-book readers. Sadly and oddly enough, there weren’t any kindles to be seen.

Oh, I also had a poutine at New York Fries in the COEX food court. MMMMM a taste of home!

Check out pics from the Seoul International Book Fair here.

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