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Book Review: Every Day's a Holiday

By Blemon
Book Review: Every Day's a HolidayHeidi Kenney of My Paper Crane brings this little set of book reviews to a close with Every Day's a Holiday: Year-round Crafting with Kids.  As you can probably guess, it's organized chronologically following the holidays month by month. There are a ton of projects from crazy hats to stenciled totes. These crafts are targeted to kids of all ages -- some you'll need to help out with and some they'll be able to do on your own. There's definitely a good variety and a full dose of her uber-cute signature plush style.
Book Review: Every Day's a HolidayAll the templates are in the back and easy to photocopy as you need them. There aren't a lot of  illustrations to the steps but there are plenty of photographs of the crafts at different angles so if something's difficult, you'll be able to figure it out. And while the crafts are all attached to a holiday (and some really bizarre ones at that), you can do most of them at any time.
Overall, this is a great book for you to pick up if you have kids. You should have picked it up last week before you got buried in all that snow. Then you would have actually had some cool stuff to do instead of watch at that TV.

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