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Blood Perfume – The Vamps Will Love It!

By Thevault @The_Vault

Blood Perfume – The Vamps will love it!Vampires rejoice! An Italian company has launched a line of unusual blood-scented fragrances.

Blood Concept features unisex perfumes: A, B, AB and O, in 40 ml bottles with a dropper.

All have a whiff of metallic, inspired by the red stuff.

(Blood is) the most tested and studied part of the human body and it guards a multitude of secrets that reveals our inner and unique way of being. Blood Concept is a private celebration of the vivid and fascinating liquid that flows in our veins,” according to a statement on the company’s website.

The bizarre scents were launched in early April at Esxence 2011, a niche perfumery trade show, in Milan.

Other unusual fragrances launched recently include a bacon-infused perfume from Chicago — ” a secret recipe blending 11 popular pure essential oils with the essence of bacon.”



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