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Bloggers, Munchies and Fashionable Brunchies

By Alysonisneat
Bloggers, Munchies and Fashionable Brunchies 
It is the end of Wednesday and I still haven't talked about my weekend!  I had the honor of attending a ladies brunch at Margot, the only request was that the dress code be semi-formal.  It was so much to get together with new friends and meet some new bloggers!  I met the fantastic Sarah Louise of tzipporit and Quincy from Q's Day Dream.  Carmen of Closet Case Vintage stopped by and it was so good to see her again.  I also had the chance to spend time with Rachel, and reminisce about my birthday party that I don't remember.  It only makes me want to do more get togethers like this!
Despite my tights being covered in lint (that's what I get for crawling back into bed), I felt fancy.  Red satin does that to you.  However, I am a little sad that my red birthday dress doesn't exactly fit anymore, I think it is just too big.  I'll just have to make another one, but this time in white since every I cannot find a good white dress!
At some point when it stops being cloudy and rainy, I'll have the chance to take outfit pictures again.  Until then, remember its only a few more days until the weekend!

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