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Bikram Yoga: Reasons To Try It

By Rojer

How would you enjoy spending 90 minutes inside a torture chamber?
What type of torture chamber, you may well ask?
Imagine a room heated to 105° Fahrenheit with 50% humidity. A half-naked yogi resembling a drill sergeant commands you to definitely hold 26 yoga postures, provides you with only one official water break, and doesn’t allow you to leave the area (unless, obviously, you have to puke).
Therefore, the guru behind Yoga, Bikram Choudhury, fittingly calls his yoga room a torture chamber.
Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, discomfort, a heightened heart rate and sweat pouring from every edifice of the body are all area of the package, but it’s 100% worthwhile.
Nobody ever says altering your life is easy. Read more Bikram yoga is controversial
If there have been a pill to enhance flexibility, increase stamina and strength, in addition to fight chronic diseases, fatigue, insomnia, and obesity, then everyone would market it; but since there isn’t this type of miracle drug, we must earn our overall health through effort.
Bikram Yoga is an excellent method to do it.
The practice relieved my arthritis symptoms;
Nearly every friend I’ve met through Yoga has healed or perhaps is in the process of healing something -old injuries, anxiety, depression, digestion disturbances, diabetes and cholesterol, for starters.
In fact, following a weight lifting accident, Bikram was told he’d never walk again; however, he’s 65, sleeps only 2 to 3 hours every night and has more energy than the usual 30 year-old.
Some controversy surrounds the Bikram name -from “it’s a fantasy yoga,” to “it causes of heart disease,” to “he’s a walking contradiction” (he owns over 40 Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys).
Bikram somehow were able to copyright his particular sequence of yoga, which incidentally, comes from an old spiritual practice dating back to 5,000 years; he's 5,000 franchises around the globe and charges approximately $11,000 for teacher courses, earning him up to $5mm every year.
This short article isn’t intended to judge a guy or debate medical and spiritual skeptics.
Good reasons to Try It:
Below is really a list of explanations why you should try Yoga, in case you’re not convinced:
Burn Major Calories
Heat accelerates metabolism which leads to faster weight loss exercise. Bikram classes permit you to burn between 500 to in excess of 1,000 calories based on your size and just how hard you're employed.
No Pressure
Whether you'll need a great butt or spiritual enlightenment, Bikram might help. There is no chanting, om’ing, singing or recitals of Sanskrit, however your physical practice can modify into some thing spiritual if that’s what you’re searching for.
Get High With no Drugs
Intense humidity raise your heartbeat and flush blood and fresh oxygen for your brain and organs, which results in feelings of euphoria and bliss, causing you to naturally happier.
Great Detox
Standing Visit Knee Pose - Dandayamana Janushirasana
Sweating is easily the most effective way to eliminate toxins since the skin may be the largest eliminating organ. The 26 postures as well as heat increase blood and oxygen circulation, which cleans the body. It’s an excellent cure for a hangover.
Better Sleep
Yoga regulates your sleep cycle which means you wake feeling fresh and prepared for the day. If you’re perpetually tired, Bikram claims half tortoise pose is the same as eight hours of sleep.
Bikram Yoga: Reasons To Try It

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