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Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
My Homemade Beni Ourain Rug is done for now (see how to here).  Its summer and hot, and I have ADD, so I went with a partial criss cross design. I'll do it up more if I get the urge come fall, but I kind of like it open ended.  I did some rug swapery and threw it in my living room.  I'll take better pictures once I fix this room up.  Now all I see is a stark white coffee table begging to be painted peacock blue or something... Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools So here is the update on Rit Dye with a sock test.  Before... Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools So I dragged my feet up and down the stripes and got this...
Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools Not too bad. Similar to a new pair of dark jeans on a white chair. I think the fact that I watered the dye down helped a lot.
So then Cheryle showed up in white shorts and I made her sit all over the rug. All in the name of blogging.  Her shorts looked great and she refused to let me take an ass shot.
Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools So to recap... Rit Dye + shaggy wool rug= Beni Ourain on the cheap. A Flokati rug would work too. I'd love to do color blocks for a Boucherouite look next. That won't be any time soon. The DIY bug has almost left the building and the beach is calling.
 Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools My kids want to make skimboards and found a tutorial on YouTube, so that will be next...but first Cheryle and I have to whip up a sunburst mirror for one of her clients.
We played with power tools, one of my favorite things to do.  (In the basement of WAY too much crap) Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools Making another one of these from old fence pickets... see how here.
Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools Its going in a pool house, fancy, I know. I'll post pics once its up.
Have a FANTABULOUS weekend! xo

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