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Benefits of Owning an Eco-Friendly TV

Posted on the 08 May 2011 by Alison_wood @midnight_eden

It should come as no surprise that televisions can be huge contributors to your electricity bill.  Not only do they require a lot of energy for use, but most households have one or more television sets on for several hours each day.  This is a sad product of our obsession with technology, and it may be one of the many reasons that more of us seem to have shorter attention spans and fewer personal relationships.  But beyond the blight to our society aside, older televisions are also doing harm to our environment by sucking up energy from providers that are heavy polluters.  Luckily, there’s something you can do to cut down on the toxic waste that your TV is responsible for without having to give up even a minute of viewing.  By simply opting for an eco-friendly TV the next time you buy, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint even as you continue to enjoy the hours of mind-numbing entertainment your television provides.

Before you rush out to buy a green TV, there’s something you should know; they aren’t all equal.  There are different levels of eco-friendliness associated with various types of televisions.  The worst offender by far is a classic tube-style television.  While teenagers may have no memory of these heavy beasts due to the popularity of the modern flat-screen, anyone who had to haul one up a flight of stairs will not soon forget the back-wrenching experience.  Thank goodness those sets are largely out of the picture these days.  They will no longer break our backs, crush our fingers, or guzzle electricity like it’s going out of style.

Then there are plasma and LCD TVs.  These flat-panel beauties haven’t been around too long (relatively speaking), but they’ve certainly made their mark.  In truth, either one will use less electricity than a standard tube television set – provided they are of equal screen size.  The problem is that lightweight, flat-screen technology has made it possible to double, triple, or even further increase the size of the monitor without the attendant heft or need for space.  Since they can hang on a wall or fit on a fairly narrow ledge, more people are opting for larger screens, which definitely increases the power needed.  On one good note, LCDs require only about a third to half of the power needed for a plasma while the picture tends to be better quality, so there’s at least one bonus for choosing the greener option.

But there’s an even better choice hitting the market: the LED TV.  This uses far less energy than the other two options.  However, the technology is still pretty new, so while you will save on your electricity bill down the road, you’ll have to pay a little more up front for this option.  In truth, any of these eco-friendly electronics will save you (and the planet) in the long run.  By opting to ditch your boxy antique and purchase a green flat-screen, you stand to save a lot on your utility bill even as you reduce your carbon footprint.  So spend a little more now and you’ll get a lot in return, both on your next power bill and for the future of the Earth.

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