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Belated Happy Father's Day, from Yours Truly

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
I'm sorry I haven't been writing lately, as, frustratingly, the internet's been down at home for ages now (and the company is taking their sweet time to fix it, too).  I'm making this quickie blog post at a nearby internet cafe.
Anyway, belated Happy Fathers Day, everyone!

Belated Happy Father's Day, from yours truly

Yours truly, and three beautiful kids

Any idiot can create offspring, but it takes a REAL man to father.  Furthermore, it takes a GREAT man to father in a way that develops excellent, God-loving, and responsible children.  I often fail in this area, but by God's grace, I will father in this way.
Here's a broadcast by Focus on the Family, called A Father's Influence in his daughter's life.  Listen and listen well.
Here's part 2 of that podcast, and while you're at it, check out my article on books for dads, books that include how to raise daughters.

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