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Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts

Posted on the 13 April 2011 by Thehangline

AAA Tree Experts

The service industry can be a tough category to create ads for. There isn’t a product to showcase or build from. All you’ve got is some people and the things they do. The smart clients understand that personality goes a long, long way in service advertising because we can hire anyone to do a service, but who we hire is an emotionally-based decision. That means if we like you, we hire you. Curtis Petraglia at Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charlotte, gave AAA Tree Experts a heavy dose of personality with this campaign.

You don’t meet many people who are as passionate about their jobs  as we are in the creative industry. The AAA Tree Experts are an exception. These sandal-wearing, green-thumbing tree lovers really know their stuff! We took the level of energy that they bring to their trade and used that as inspiration. We came up with a campaign that captures their approach towards the job and informs their audience that they do more than chopping trees. Also, who better to endorse  them than a tree-dwelling squirrel?

The art direction fits perfectly to their personality and the copy just makes the whole campaign fun. A lot of clients would think this looks a little muted or doesn’t “pop” enough, but it’s appropriate, unique and memorable. The squirrel is my favorite part. I like squirrels.

Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts
Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts
Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts

Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts
Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts
Beard-sporting Tree-hugging Hippy AAA Tree Experts

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