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Basic Arabic Terms from A to Z

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Are you currently enrolled in Arabic language schools today? I have here an amazing list of basic Arabic terms from A to Z. I believe these terms are very helpful for those who are learning Arabic language, so let’s itemize these all one by one.

‘Abd (عبد)

This is a common term among Arabians. This is commonly known as servant, worshipper, or slave. Arabians use this term to attach to their names like “Abdullah” (servant of God), Abdul-Malik (Slave of the King), and Abdur-Rahmān (Slave of the most Beneficent).

Bay‘ah (بيعة)

It is the Arabian’s oath of allegiance to their leader. Traditionally, it is also called Caliph or Imam.

Caliph (خليفةkhalīfah)

It is a term referred as the successor of their respected prophet, Muhammad.

Dhimmi (ذمّي) (pl. dhimam)

It is defined as a practice among Jews, Christians and other denominations who choose to live their lives in an Islamic state. Non-Muslims like these denominations have the right to practice their religion tolerated by the Islamic law.


An obligatory precaution.

Fi sabil Allah (في سبيل الله)

for the sake of Allah; common Islamic expression for performing acts such as charity or Jihad.

Ghazi (غازى)

a holy warrior.

Halāl (حلال)

literally means honorable.

Ifhār (إفطار)

It is a meal eaten by Muslims breaking their fast after sunset during the month of Ramadan.

Jihād (جهاد)

It literally means “struggle”. An earnest striving in the way of God.


The Creator, Allah.

Laghw (لغو)

This word means “false testimony”.

Malā’ikah (ملائكة)

The Arabic term for singing angels.

Nikah (النكاح)

the matrimonial contract between a bride and bridegroom within Islamic marriage.

Qur’ān (القرآن)

Muslims’ literal word of God.

Rasul (رسول)

Its literal meaning is “messenger”.

Shaykh (شيخ)

Arabic term for a Muslim clergy.

Talaq (الطلاق)

Also known as “divorce”.

Usul (sing. asl)

Principles, origins.

Wali (والي)

This word means friend, protector, guardian, supporter, or helper in Arabic language.

Yawm ul-Qiyāmah (يوم القيامة)

“Day of the Resurrection”; Day of Judgement

Zināa (زناء , زنى)

Sexual activity before marriage (can also count adultery and fornication)

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