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Axuria in the 15th: "John, This is the Best Run of Places Ever."

By Johntalbott

Apr may 2012 039Today, our oldest Paris friends who are still speaking to us accompanied me out to the outer banks of the 15th where we had a meal every bit as good as Colette and I had a few Sundays ago.

Apr may 2012 030The house started us off with some sliced Iberico ham, puffy bread sticks and a fine veloute of green asparagus which was perfect for the chilly rainy afternoon.

Apr may 2012 032

Apr may 2012 031

Apr may 2012 033


M. had the BBQ of gambas with quinoa, Mme. the pressed leeks and microtomed scallops and I the escargots with the requisite amout of garlic and butter and a new twist - chopped nuts - all quite tasty.

Apr may 2012 034

Apr may 2012 035

Apr may 2012 036


Madame then had a nice piece of daurade, Monsieur the tete de veau fashioned as a bric and I a perfectly cooked 1/2 cote de boeuf - all with an incredible amount of both spring veggies and potatoes.

Apr may 2012 037

Apr may 2012 038


For desserts they had a 3 sorbets (mango, orange citron and whatever) and a moelleux of caramel while I was content with the rest of the Chateau Darzac.

With OK bread, no coffee nor bottled water and two of the Bordeaux our bill was 160.70 E, thus 107 E a couple.  And it's open for Sunday lunch folks.

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