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Autism Recovery – Who is a Warrior Mom?

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

Autism Recovery – Who is a Warrior Mom?

Mother’s Day is here and I began to think about what it really means to be a Warrior Mom, someone that fights every day to help our children reach their greatest potential. The potential God promised. After all, Matthew means “Gift from God”, and I believe it. I wonder what means “Warrior Mom”? Well, here is my definition.

So What Makes a Warrior Mom?

  • She is one that never gives up, but sometimes gives in.
  • She believes in the impossible and makes true the improbable.
  • She is tough as nails, but soft as a pillow.
  • She curses like a sailor, but prays like a saint.
  • She will uproot her family just to keep it grounded.
  • She makes crazy food taste like CRAZY FOOD!
  • She tells the truth.
  • She wants you to know the truth too.
  • And because of that she can’t keep her mouth shut!
  • She researches and researches, then follows her heart.
  • She doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • She finds someone that will help, always.
  • She is someone that will help, always.
  • IEP’s don’t stand a chance against her.
  • She will get up in the middle of the night just to make sure the kids are alright.
  • She will find that supplement, NO. MATTER. WHAT.
  • If they make it GF she will find it.
  • She is very afraid, but you would never know it.
  • Above all, she is love!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite Warrior Mother’s, far and wide. You rock. Really. You do. Don’t ever forget it. Without you, our future would be no where. Stay Well.

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