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Ashtanga Sun Salutation

By Nadine
I have done many a Sun Salutation during my years of Yoga. During our Yoga Teacher Training, we mostly did Surya Namaskara A, which is the main Ashtanga Sun Salutation. This is a Sun Salutation without lunges.
As part of this Sun Salutation, there is a part where you are in your standing forward bend and you jump or step your feet back into plank. And later you jump or step your feet forward from downward dog.
Jump? My feet? Seriously? I always thought it was one of those elite things as I awkwardly stepped up (not everyone is awkward, but that's how I felt).
While at the Ashram in April I saw someone do the perfect jump. Her feet were perfectly lined up. I was so impressed, and again thought this was an elite move.
One day recently I was teaching and decided to try jumping my feet back. OMG! I did it! And it was awesome. Not nearly as perfect as that one I saw in April, but since Yoga isn't about perfect that's okay. And then I jumped my feet forward as well.
And now I'm sort of like a kid with a new toy. Jump, jump, jump. I am constantly impressed with how my body changes and how my body's abilities develop over time. Thank you Yoga!

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