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Art Journaling 135, Summer Flip Flops

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Art Journaling 135, Summer Flip FlopsI have trouble throwing away clean colorful food boxes, and was inspired by the beach theme of these cracker boxes for my art journal class.1. I made a 4" tall flip flop template for each student, and gave each lots of cut up box sections. They were to trace on the back to create two matching bottoms.2. My assistant and I used a sharp scissors to poke a hole in each shoe. Two small colored strips of paper, about 4" x 1/2" were individually placed on a small brad, and then poked into the shoe. The brad was opened up in back to secure. The strip ends were wrapped around and taped in place.3. Students used window screen and a crayon to rub a sand-like background. The flip flops were glued in place and a page title and edging were added with crayon.

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