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Are You a Good Example?

By Saintgoody

We can easily learn by an example.  It’s our human nature.  Famous people, heroes and saints, taught and showed us how they achieved, earned the title and became who they are.  They leave and set as a good example.  They were our guide and inspiration to continue on dreaming and doing what is good and right.  Their good examples bring us hope and possibilities as we journey our life.
You and I can make a difference, by giving a good example to others especially to our children.   Be cautious with your words and actions for it can make or break the world we live in.  Let me leave with you a quote from Benjamin Franklin “A good example is the best sermon.” Happy Sunday to everyone!
I hope you will enjoy my photos and simple thoughts about Example.
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?
Are you a good Example?

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