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April Love List

By Nadine
Since I forgot the mid-month love list, I figured I'd do a Welcome Home Love List. 20 things that I'm loving about being home:

  1. My own bed. The ones at the ashram and YWCA were comfy enough, but can't beat my super comfy queen size.

  2. The push mower, so much nicer to use than the gas mower.

  3. Vegan Italiano. I've made 3 recipes from this cookbook and they've all been good.

  4. My gloriously cute cat. I forgot how adorable she was while I was gone.

  5. My mom. She seems to be really enjoying me working in the yard and cooking/baking.

  6. Starbucks hot chocolate.

  7. Friends from the Ashram so that I don't feel quite as much like I left.

  8. Our glorious showerhead. A good shower is my biggest criteria when I travel somewhere, so I'm glad the Ashram had a decent shower.

  9. Thich Nhat Hanh's book Happiness, which I'm reading right now.

  10. Raisins - crazy, I still love them now that I'm home. Even though I've had some sugary treats, my tastebuds are still adjusted from the Ashram.

  11. My final check from SLE (as a full time employee anyway). It was a nice big one since it included my bank and vacation time.

  12. The PVR. It's nice to catch up on the shows I missed in my own time.

  13. Honey Nut Cheerios, I missed you so!

  14. My meditation mat. I tried many different things while I was away including a great cushion that someone lent me during the Vancouver meditation group. But I still love my Yogasana rug for meditation.

  15. My ever growing Yoga bookcase.

  16. The wall hangings I bought at the Ashram for the studio. Now I just need to figure out where to hang them.

  17. Emails from friends, students and future students.

  18. That my ipod seems to have recovered. I couldn't sync it for a while so I'm glad it seems to be better now. I'd love a new ipod but I'm glad I don't need to buy one right now.

  19. My clothes which are looser than when I left (I continued to lose weight while at the Ashram).

  20. Bed at 10 pm, up at 6 am. Back to my routine.

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